Working Bee - 24th-25th March 2012

Well an early taste of winter greeted us as we arrived at Oldina on Friday evening. Bristling with car chains, the convoy slipped it's way up the jeep trail in the snow. Andrew Briggs's new vehicle (flat tray ute) only made it as far as the Broad River lookout bend before breaking a snow chain, so his hopes of making the 'top' were dashed! Snowball (a.k.a. Mischi's Subi) excelled in the conditions and took out line honours followed by Stephen (close but no banana). Hubert had driven up earlier sans chains, what a hero! that's his car in the pic below.

A good 20cm of snow covered the trail outside of Oldina when we arrived. After a chilly evening, we awoke to more snow and a beautiful vista, the trees and bushes laden with fresh snow upwards of 30cm deep. A concerted phone session on Andrew's part advised everyone travelling up that morning that the working bee was cancelled. As we were relying on a delivery of firewood and exterior painting to keep the troops busy, it was deemed that this was the sensible option, given the conditions, both were impossible. The Davis family battled on to the summit, grabbed bundles of insulation and got to work insultating up under the floors of the bedrooms - sterling effort there Davis clan!

Sunday saw a considerable melting of the snow, the firewood was rescheduled for delivery at midday. We were able to get Andrews chain repaired and his vehicle up to the top where we unloaded a gas bottle and more importantly the new batteries. The batteries were installed successfully by Mark and Hubert and a load of firewood brought up and stacked under the hut. Ashlyn busied herself renewing and rearranging the hut manual, Deb and Tracy continued sorting gear in the drying room etc. A big thanks to all!

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